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  • “Hamamatsu Power Food” – Increasing Tourism and Revitalizing Local Communities



“Hamamatsu Power Food” – Increasing Tourism and Revitalizing Local Communities

The Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Council titles creative initiatives enacted by citizens “Creative Core Projects” and began promoting them to the public in 2021. We hope that by sharing information about the city’s creative initiatives, more people will gain new ideas and hints for their own activities.

This year, we would like to share with you the five most noteworthy projects, which are known as “Monitoring Projects”.

“Hamamatsu Power Food” – Increasing Tourism and Revitalizing Local Communities / Hamamatsu Power Food Society

What kind of projects are you involved in?

Aiming to create “Hamamatsu, the No. 1 city of gastronomy in Japan & recognized by the world,” we are a private group actively promoting the consumption of healthy & local produce, known as “Hamamatsu Power Food.” Hamamatsu, which once supported the success of Lord TOKUGAWA Ieyasu, boasts the nation’s highest healthy life expectancy. With over 100 members including producers, processors and restaurants, we are dedicated to boosting tourism and revitalizing the local community utilizing the power of food.


We heard from those at the heart of the project.



What are your roles?

Whilst running my restaurant which incorporates locally-produced ingredients in its dishes, I had the idea of levering my unique position to help promote the strengths of Hamamatsu’s cuisine – so I decided to found the Hamamatsu Power Food Society. In addition, I also spread the charm of Hamamatsu through food in my capacity as an appointed Hamamatsu Yaramaika ambassador.


What led you to get involved in this initiative?

Whilst I was born and raised in Tokyo, the richness of Hamamatsu`s food scene was a huge selling point for me – so I decided to up and move my business here. Being outside of the prefecture might have given me a more vivid perception of the charms of Hamamatsu’s cuisine. I was convinced that Hamamatsu`s cuisine could attract people from all over the world and open up new markets.


What is the special point of this initiative?

Hamamatsu is an ordinance-designated city and one of the nation’s leaders in healthy life expectancy. The city also boasts a particularly rich history, with TOKUGAWA Ieyasu placing a heavy importance on food and health during the 17 years he spent here, demonstrated by his famous adage – “food is life.” I think that this high standard of health can be attributed to Hamamatsu`s bountiful nature which produces some of Japan’s top quality food products from its aqua- and agricultural harvests. Within the Hamamatsu Power Food Society, there is a strong sense of camaraderie which enables members to engage in a wealth of activities based on themes of nature, making the society a truly enriching experience.


What do you want our readers to know about this initiative?

Throughout its culinary history, Hamamatsu is not a region that often partook in the tradition of “preserved foods.” This is thanks to its fertile soil surrounded by ocean, mountains, rivers and lakes, as well as its mild snow-free climate and its enjoyment of some of the longest sunlight hours in the country. Hamamatsu is a treasure trove bursting with fresh seasonal food which can be harvested all-year round – eliminating the need for preservation methods.


Why do you want your readers to know this?

The Basque Country of Northern Spain is home to one of the world’s most famous culinary cities – San Sebastian. Whilst this Spanish city may enjoy world-wide acclaim, Hamamatsu can face this city toe-to-toe when it comes to local ingredients. The Hamamatsu Power Food Society aims to take full advantage of this potential attracting people from all over the world with the power of gastronomy.


Message to our readers

Somebody from another prefecture once told me “People from Hamamatsu don’t really boast much about themselves.” I think the people of Hamamatsu should have more pride in our city, as our culture and fresh local food which we take for granted cannot be found anywhere else.

From here, we will introduce each initiative in more detail.

Creating a world-renowned “Hamamatsu, Japan’s Top City of Gastronomy”

A new sake, ENSHU – Made in Hamamatsu


ENSHU was introduced in 2021 as a new sake that goes well with Hamamatsu Power Food dishes. It was developed by two local breweries, Hamamatsu Shuzo and Hananomai Shuzo, adopting locally-produced rice, with a milling ratio of 90% to preserve the umami of the rice.

The name of ENSHU was given by TOKUGAWA Iehiro, the 19th head of the Tokugawa lord family, in hope of “finding a good match here in Enshu region.”

The sake is served at member restaurants of the society as a paring drink with Hamamatsu Power Food dishes, and has been well received.


Hamamatsu Power Food School Lunch



As a result of a lecture given to certified dietitians who were responsible for the planning of school lunch menus, the monthly “Hamamatsu Power Food School Lunch Day” was started at public elementary and junior high schools in Hamamatsu in April 2023. Our main goal was to use the expertise of the dieticians to get children more interested in the quality of local food and ingredients and foster a stronger affection towards Hamamatsu. We think that the influence of Hamamatsu Power Food is definitely reaching more people.


Collaboration between Seirei Health Care Division& Hamamatsu Power Food SocietyRelease of “Nutrition Hanamaru Bento” or box lunch


We released a new box lunch in collaboration with Seirei Health Care Division, aligning with their vision to energize local residents through food. The box lunch contains more than 20 ingredients, many of which are locally sourced, offering a balanced selection across the10 food groups to address frailty effectively. It took more than six months to develop under the supervision by certified dietitians of the community. Changing the menu of the lunch every season and we have sold more than 150,000 box lunches since the launch in 2021. This program won the grand prize in the citizens’ welfare category of the Hamamatsu Wellness Award 2022.


Creating a world-class gastronomy by all party efforts in Hamamatsu

Cooking competition for the best dish to be voted by the Hamamatsu Power Food Society

To expand knowledge of local culinary history, techniques and ingredients, and to enliven the culinary industry by all parties in Hamamatsu, we plan a cooking event open for all restaurants in the city in cooperation with the Hamamatsu Culinary Cooperative Association which has long-established restaurants as member.

We hope that this event will help open the way to a new sense of culinary culture in “Hamamatsu, City of Gastronomy,” and that our city’s cuisine will prove a delight for all those involved in the culinary field, from producers and chefs to consumers and customers.