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  • “Soramo de Keyharmo” – Live & talk show by Dr. Keyboard Harmonica


English Newsletters2024.04.09

“Soramo de Keyharmo” – Live & talk show by Dr. Keyboard Harmonica

The city has held the Hamamatsu Creative Meetings for years to inspire citizens to be creative and encourage them to start their own innovative projects which will hopefully contribute to solving local issues in future. This year, we had the pleasure of having melodica player Ms. MINAMIKAWA Akeo, known by the stage name “Pianonymous”, host a talk about the instrument and give a thrilling live performance. The children of Hamamatsu City are already quite familiar with the melodica since they learn how to play it in music class at elementary school.





The audience that gathered at Soramo square were amazed at the distinctive sound of the instrument as well as the skillful movement of her fingers, in which she never missed a single note even when performing the fast-paced music. One of the advantages of the live performance is that the audience were able to see her play up-close as she paraded around the venue while performing.


She showcased various types of keyboard harmonicas during the show – impressing the audience with the range of tone and volume produced by each variety.


Ms. MINAMIKAWA explained the relative ease at which anyone can play the keyboard harmonica, going as far to demonstrate rather skillful performances with her elbows, toes, and other miscellaneous body parts. This feat definitely convinced us of the instruments suitability for those who want to learn and for casual playing. If you have one gathering dust at home, why not pick it up today?


After the concert, she introduced various playing techniques in a hands-on session for those who had registered in advance.



You can produce  a variety of different sounds from your keyboard harmonica just by blowing a little differently than usual or curling your tongue. The participating children gave it their best shot.


The show offered the audience the opportunity to rediscover the charm of the melodica – an instrument they have come to see simply as one they used to play in kindergarten and elementary school. But they were now pleasantly surprised to witness its coolness in performance by an expert.


Thank you, Ms. MINAMIKAWA for a wonderful show!