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1. Greeting

Greeting from mayor of Hamamatsu

Hamamatsu mayor Nakano Yusuke

Hamamatsu City has pushed forward its creative city initiatives based on the Basic Policy for Promoting “Creative City Hamamatsu,” adopted in March 2013, while simultaneously presenting Hamamatsu’s future vision of “A creative city built on civil collaboration, shining into the future.”

Moreover, in December 2014, Hamamatsu was designated as a member of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Creative Cities Network as the first Asian city in the thematic area of music. The city is highly regarded for its projects that spring from Hamamatsu being a center of music industry. These projects include those such as the Hamamatsu International Piano Competition and ACT City Academy of Music; the Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments, where musical instruments from all over the world are exhibited from unbiased perspectives; and most importantly, the enthusiastic and lively music activities of all the citizens.

Currently, besides music-related projects, there is a large and growing number of activities run by artists and creators who encourage more active local communities. The ideology of creative cities is to have creative activities utilizing the city’s unique regional culture and assets be actively carried out, leading to the generation of new value, culture and industries and raising the quality and affluence of life for its citizens. For Hamamatsu, with the city covering a vast area spanning urban sections to hilly and mountainous regions, this way of thinking can serve as a driving force to solve various challenges in the local community through civil cooperation and furthermore to enhance the appeal of the region.

Henceforth, Hamamatsu City will make use of its creative city branding and domestic and international networks to engage in exchange and human resource development with other creative cities, connecting this to the further development of Hamamatsu, including promotion of related industries.

Hamamatsu mayor Nakano Yusuke

Greeting from President of Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Counci

President fujii naoko

Creativity and a “Yaramaika” attitude, “let’s do it” in the local Enshū dialect.
A competitive spirit bursting with determination is essential to the process of creating something new – and this kind of get-up-and-go attitude has long sat deep in the heart of Hamamatsu alongside a fervent sense of hometown pride.

Yet, individual instances of this “Yaramaika” enthusiasm are simply not enough – Hamamatsu must devise systems which facilitate mutual cooperation and collaboration if we are to promote the Creative City Initiative. There is a need for us to shine a light on the challenges undertaken by our citizens and guarantee a sense of transparency which promotes mutual cooperation.

However, we must remember that creativity is not simply born from nothing. Thus it is imperative that we offer as many opportunities as possible to allow our citizens to experience exactly what real creativity is. It is through these fine experiences that we can cultivate a fertile pasture in which the seeds of our “Yaramaika” attitude can thrive – for are we not also obliged to create the foundation on which an enriched culture can blossom?

Hamamatsu has been active in the promotion of initiatives created by various entities under the key concept of “Creative City Hamamatsu.” In 2014, Hamamatsu was appointed member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network, since which we have widened the scope of our efforts in providing support to civic groups that can be active on the international stage, as well as fostering an environment that facilitates children’s participation in various creative and cultural activities – equipping them as suitable leaders to take us into the next generation.

Our aim is to construct a culturally and economically prosperous “Creative City Hamamatsu” which will organically connect together individual instances of Hamamatsu’s unique “Yaramaika” attitude and continue to create local strong points.

President fujii naoko

Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Council

2. Hamamatsu: An Overview


Population: approx.800,000

Hamamatsu is in Shizuoka Prefecture, where Mt. Fuji is located. Located between Tokyo and Osaka, Hamamatsu has been a part of the comings and goings of people and products since long ago. As such, Hamamatsu has a free-spirited nature, not to mention a character of autonomy and independence from having accepted the cultures and people of other regions. In this atmosphere, global entrepreneurs and inventors arose in a variety of industries including musical instruments, motorcycles, and automobiles.

3. Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Council

(1) Founding Objectives

Based on the principles of the Basic Policy for Promoting “Creative City Hamamatsu,” the council’s objective is to further the development of “Creative City Hamamatsu” through: * Support of diverse creative projects initiated by the citizens of Hamamatsu, and* Interaction and cooperation with domestic and international creative cities.

(2) Structure of the Council

Structure of the Council

〈 Establishment of the Expert Committees 〉

  • Organizations under the umbrella of the Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Council that are responsible for the planning of specific projects promoting Hamamatsu as a creative city.
  • The Expert Committee on Music had been established from fiscal 2014 to 2015.

(3) Projects

The Hamamatsu Creative City Promotion Council shall engage in the following work:

  • ①Development of project plans in accordance with the principles of the Basic Policy and progress management of said projects;
  • ②Interaction and cooperation with other creative cities, domestically and internationally;
  • ③Development of personnel and training of leaders to support and take forward the Creative City;
  • ④Investigations, research and proposals regarding Creative City policies;
  • ⑤Promotion and provision of information regarding “Creative City Hamamatsu
  • ⑥Other projects that contribute to the aims of the Council

(4) Council Members (As of April 1, 2023)

Inaugurated April 2014

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Title Name Field Title and Representing Organization
President FUJII Naoko Higher Education Dean
Faculty of Design
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Vice-President SIMANO Satoshi City Administration Director General for Cultural Promotion
Hamamatsu City
Vice-President TERADA Seiko City-related
Executive Director
Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation
Vice-President IKUMA Masahiro Business General Manager
Information and Culture Department
Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Vice-President HIMORI Ryuichi Civic Organization Director
Association for Creative City Hamamatsu
Vice-President ITO Noriaki City-related
General Manager
Hamamatsu & Lake Hamana Tourism Bureau
Vice-President KITAJIMA Hideaki City Administration Director General
Industrial Department
Hamamatsu City
Treasurer NAGAI Satoko Higher Education Professor
Faculty of Cultural Policy and Management
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
Treasurer SAITA Ichiro City Administration Director General for Tourism and Brand Promotion
Hamamatsu City

4. The Expert Committee on Music(2014-2015)

(1) Areas of Research

The Committee debated the potential of and various challenges facing Hamamatsu as it works towards becoming a creative city of music, from the following three perspectives:

  • ①The promotion of music culture;
  • ②The promotion of music industries;
  • ③The development of music personnel.

(2) Committee Members

Inaugurated April 2014

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Name Field Affiliation and Title
UMEDA Hideharu Higher Education Professor
Faculty of Cultural Policy and Management
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
MINE Ikuro Higher Education Professor
Department of Industrial Design
Faculty of Design Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
NAKAMURA Katsuya Industry Vice General Manager
Human Resources & General Administration Division
YAMAHA Corporation
KANEKO Kazuhiro Industry Managing Director
General Manager
Kawai Musical Instruments Mfg. Co., Ltd.
AIHARA Yasushi Industry General Manager
Corporate Communication Department Roland Corporation
OKABE Hiroo Citizen Musical
Vice Chairman
Hamamatsu Symphony Orchestra
KOBAYASHI Masashi Citizen Musical
Managing Directorn
Secretary Generaln
Hamamatsu Philharmonic Orchestra
TSUCHIYA Fumihito Citizen Musical
Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Hamamatsu City Band Federation
Music Director
Hamamatsu Uminohoshi High School Wind Ensemble Club
HATSUMURA Noriko Citizen Musical
Vice Chairperson of the Board of Directors
Hamamatsu City Choral Federation
Hamamatsu Lionet Children’s Choir
SHIMIZU Kazuhiro Citizen Musical
Representative officer
Executive Committee of Yaramaika Music Festival in Hamamatsu
Music Director, dolce wind orchestra
TAKAHASHI Yumiko Citizen Musical
Hamamatsu Gakugei High School Art Department
Concert Host Training Seminar
Hamamatsu ACT City Academy of Music
IKUMA Motonori Related
Trustee in charge of General Affairs
Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
GOTO Yasushi Related
Cultural Promotion Division
Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation
SHIMA Kazuhiko Related
Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments
Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation