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  • Collaboration with other UCCN member cities in Japan


English Newsletters2021.08.06

Collaboration with other UCCN member cities in Japan

There are nine Japanese creative cities designated by the UCCN including Asahikawa, Kobe, Nagoya (Design), Kanazawa, Tambasasayama (Crafts & Folk Art), Sapporo (Media Arts), Tsuruoka (Gastronomy), Yamagata (Film) and Hamamatsu. Despite the difference in their respective fields, they share a desire to develop their cities through creativity, and learn many things through the exchange of ideas and information.


Annual Meeting:
All UCCN designated cities are invited to an annual meeting and have a chance to share and exchange information & opinions face to face. Every city hosts the meeting in turn each year. The photo shows from 2019. The meeting in 2020 was held both in-person and online. It’s important to keep in touch and connect with each other under the COVID-19 pandemic.



Collaborative Events:
There are occasions when the creative cities contact each other individually to work together and organise events. The photo shows when we collaborated with Kobe, a City of Design, in 2019. Local artists in Hamamatsu participated in an exhibition held in Kobe and experienced interdisciplinary sessions which became inspiration to develop their creative ability further.




In March 2021, the UCCN member cities in Japan collectively opened an Instagram account. By posting information, each city can enhance sharing and disseminate activities.
In 2020, a survey conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of Japan on the time spent using information & communication media and information behavior showed about 40% of those surveyed used Instagram. Social Media is now considered as an established source of information in Japan. Please keep your eyes on our Instagram so that you don’t miss any information.
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